[Asterisk-Dev] Anyone interested in sharing PRI/T1 capacity in US (Virginia)?

voip student voipstudent at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 28 04:29:09 MST 2003

I am in Maryland and also want to implement "Follow
type" service but i am new to *. 
OT: Do you have voip traffic for UK mobile. I have a
UK route i am trying to fill up this route. I have
T-mobile, Vadafone, 02 and will sell it for 9.6cents.

--- Steve Radich <stever at bitshop.com> wrote:
> We're going to have some extra capacity on our
> Asterisk system which will be
> located in Ashburn, VA (Washington, DC area) and
> wondering if anyone needs
> any capacity via VoIP. I'm open to suggestions - (we
> have the quad t1 card
> in our Asterisk box, we need < full t1 ourselves).
> I'm open to doing simple
> things like a single user system VoIP forwarding to
> cell phones / follow me
> type stuff, to larger VoIP requirements. 
> Bandwidth is readily available and we're on many
> backbones so latency
> shouldn't be any issue as long as you are connected
> well (if it is we'd
> probably add a pipe to most any backbone we have an
> issue reaching). I'm
> interested in expanding our knowledge of Asterisk
> and willing to work with
> people on this.  It will be about a month before we
> have extra capacity in
> place for this, we'll base what capacity we add to
> Asterisk on interest.
> We've been running Asterisk for almost a year now
> and greatly appreciative
> of this package, it works great to solve our phone
> requirements including
> various "follow me" type applications via VoIP and
> cell phones both - Thanks
> Mark and crew.. 
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> Dedicated Servers 
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