[Asterisk-Dev] Anyone interested in sharing PRI/T1 capacity in US (Virginia)?

Steve Radich stever at bitshop.com
Fri Mar 28 02:46:02 MST 2003

We're going to have some extra capacity on our Asterisk system which will be
located in Ashburn, VA (Washington, DC area) and wondering if anyone needs
any capacity via VoIP. I'm open to suggestions - (we have the quad t1 card
in our Asterisk box, we need < full t1 ourselves). I'm open to doing simple
things like a single user system VoIP forwarding to cell phones / follow me
type stuff, to larger VoIP requirements. 

Bandwidth is readily available and we're on many backbones so latency
shouldn't be any issue as long as you are connected well (if it is we'd
probably add a pipe to most any backbone we have an issue reaching). I'm
interested in expanding our knowledge of Asterisk and willing to work with
people on this.  It will be about a month before we have extra capacity in
place for this, we'll base what capacity we add to Asterisk on interest.

We've been running Asterisk for almost a year now and greatly appreciative
of this package, it works great to solve our phone requirements including
various "follow me" type applications via VoIP and cell phones both - Thanks
Mark and crew.. 

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