[Asterisk-Dev] Several patches, including recording and music -on-hold

Fettahlioglu, Mahmut Mahmut.Fettahlioglu at oa.com.au
Wed Mar 26 22:13:16 MST 2003

Hi Wade,

Thanks! The call recording is pretty easy to use. There is a new resource
providing call monitoring, and it registers these three applications and
manager commands:
- Monitor
- StopMonitor
- ChangeMonitor

Monitor is used to start recording a channel. It takes an optional filename
as a parameter. If no filename is supplied it determines one on its own,
based on channel name. Two files are created, one for each direction. Files
are created under /var/spool/asterisk/monitor. Another optional parameter is
used for file format, it defaults to "wav".

StopMonitor is used to stop recording. Note that recording stops when the
channel hangs up cleanly too, so it is not needed to use that unless you
want to record only a specific section of the call.

ChangeMonitor is used to change the filename recording is done, while
recording is going on. This change physically takes place after recording

The manager command versions take an additional channel name option.

Some examples:

- Application version:
exten => _4XXXXX,1,Goto,2
exten => _4XXXXX,2,Monitor,pcm|testfile
exten => _4XXXXX,3,Answer
exten => _4XXXXX,4,Queue,hpoutgoing|15
exten => _4XXXXX,5,Goto,hpbye|1

- Manager version (in this example a client attached to the manager port
sees the channel queue event and sends a message to start monitoring)
exten => _1XXXXX,1,Goto,2
exten => _1XXXXX,2,AbsoluteTimeout,3600
exten => _1XXXXX,3,Answer
exten => _1XXXXX,4,Queue,hpoutgoing|15
exten => _1XXXXX,5,Goto,hpbye|1

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> Nice work Mahmut!
> Now that the recording patches are in CVS, can you give us 
> some examples of
> how to use this?
> -wade
> > I was working on implementing several changes to asterisk. 
> I had described
> > the changes and their reasons in several emails before I 
> started the job.
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