[Asterisk-Dev] OpenSS7

Nathan renegade at techhaven.net
Fri Mar 14 12:33:08 MST 2003


I was wondering if someone is interested, or is currently working on
integrating OpenSS7 with Asterisk?

It looks like from OpenSS7's website that the T400P (which looks like its
the same one that digium sells) is a supported device:

SS7 is a protocol stack that, with a proper application level program can
allow for call setup, management and tear down, LNP, 800 and 900 services,
and features like call forwarding, three-way calling, etc. The idea is you
connect it to the SS7 network via your ILEC, and you receive signaling
information via dedicated links.

I believe you have to have the software/hardware certified to connect to
the SS7 network, but from http://www.openss7.com (the website from the
same people who do the openss7.org site):

"Last year OpenSS7 Corporation participated in the SCTP (Stream Control
Transmission Protocol) Interoperability Test at the ETSI Test Center in
St. Antipolis, France, during April; the 1st M3UA Interoperability test
hosted by Ericsson in Madrid, Spain during May; and the 1st M2PA
Interoperability Test hosted by Alcatel in Plano, Texas during October."


"OpenSS7 Corporation is a strong supporter of the Internet Engineering
Task Force and has made significant contributions to the Signalling
Transport (SIGTRAN) Working Group. In addition, OpenSS7 Corporation
assists in driving the development of Internet standards through its
participation in interoperability tests, such as: the 3rd SCTP Interop,
1st M3UA Interop, 1st M2PA Interop, and the 2nd M3UA Interop."

So, it is possible they already are certified.. I am awaiting a response
from them to confirm (and for them to point me to something that shows

The source code from the openss7.org site is licensed under the the GPL
and LGPL.


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