[Asterisk-Dev] ACD signalling state changes

Michiel Betel michiel at betel.nl
Fri Mar 14 11:58:56 MST 2003

For ACD usage agents need to signal their state (Ready/Not Ready) where the
Not Ready normally has an assoiated reason code (After Work, Short Break
etc..) which is used in reporting. Currently, as far as I can discern there
is no method to pass these states to Asterisk. In order to add this
functionality for all channels the only thing I can think of is using DTMF,
which is **ugly**. However since most callcenter app's will use something
like a screen pop anyhow, it makes sense to use a soft-phone app, which
could use a protocol under Asterisk's (Marks) control. 
Would it be possible to expand IAX-2 with a Ready/Not Ready state?
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