[Asterisk-Dev] chan_sip

Mark Spencer markster at digium.com
Tue Mar 11 19:16:02 MST 2003

> 1. When * registers with SIP provider, I see the following messages:
> REGISTER 401 Unauthorized REGISTER 200 OK ACK (From * ) - It seems to
> me, that this ACK is superfluous. So, may be, just delete
> transmit_request(p, "ACK", 0) after receiving 200 OK ?

Yes, I believe the ACK is superfluous and I've removed it from CVS.

> 2.	Registration with SIP provider is ok. But, when * sends INVITE, my SIP
> privider returns 401 Unauthorized. And, of course, after that * crashes with
> segmentation fault, because, in function handle_response
> 	case 401:
> 		do_register_auth...

I believe the use of &digest was a programming error on the proxy auth
patch for registration.  I think it should work properly now.

> May be, the matter is, that in RFC 3261:
> "The branch parameter value MUST be unique across space and time for
>    all requests sent by the UA"
> But, I noticed, that branch is different when * registers and when it sends
> INVITE. I didn't dig deeper, just deleted parameter branch from via (ata-186
> works without it, and now it works (excluding, that now my provider returns
> 415 No media - I don't know  why.. :)

I don't think I see your complaint.  If it has to be unique for all
requests, does that mean that all requests should have the *same* branch
or that all requests should have *different* branches?


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