[Asterisk-Dev] What type of Analog Phone on TDM 10B ??

Steve steve at szmidt.org
Sun Jun 29 11:53:13 MST 2003

On Friday 27 June 2003 04:54 pm, Shahed Moolji wrote:
> I have just installed astrix and have the CLI> prompt.
> I have a analog telphone line on the Wildcard XP100 side, and
> a regular 2500 type telephone on the FSX side (TDM 10B)

Hi there,

Most of the people here have threaded messages which means that if you reply 
to a message in a thread, you are jumping right into the middle of it. 
Interrupting that thread with your new message.

Todays Linux clients (email programs) automatically recognizing message 
threads based on what is in the headers.

The thing to do is to start a new email instead of replying, and you won't 
interrupt an exisiting thread.

Good luck!

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