[Asterisk-Dev] ANNOUNCE: CLASS-like features for Asterisk

Eric Wieling eric at fnords.org
Sun Jun 29 10:32:33 MST 2003

CLASSI v0.01 is a package of sounds, an AGI script, and sample
extensions.conf file to help users add Custom Calling features to their
Asterisk installation.  It's a work in progress in the first stages of
development.  It's buggy and poorly tested, but I'm letting the world
see it to get feedback and to have it tested in a wider mix of

The following features are currently supported:
  * Setting the ring pattern for internal calls to be different than
external calls
  * Call Back, callback the last number that called you.  Code: *69
  * Speed Dial 8: Set up to 8 speed dial numbers. Code: *74

Planned Features:
  * Call Forward Unconditional
  * Call Forward Busy
  * Call Forward No-Answer
  * Call Forward with Call Rescue
  * Do-Not-Disturb setting
  * Remote access to CLASS features.
  * Speed Dial 30

I've made a package available at http://www.fnords.org/~eric/asterisk

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504-595-3916 x2111 (Experimental)
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