[Asterisk-Dev] What type of Analog Phone on TDM 10B ??

Shahed Moolji shahed at enoor.com
Fri Jun 27 13:54:10 MST 2003

I have just installed astrix and have the CLI> prompt.
I have a analog telphone line on the Wildcard XP100 side, and
a regular 2500 type telephone on the FSX side (TDM 10B)

However, when I press dtmf digits on the FSX side phone, I dont
hear anything. That means that there is no loop-current flowing
in the circuit ?

I have used Dialogic Station Cards (MSI series), and they have their
own external power supply to power the station phones and generate rings.

For the Digium FSX cards, do I need a seprate type of analog station phone


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