[Asterisk-Dev] Any projects/patches waiting on voice recordings?

Alex Lopez alex at opsys.com
Fri Jun 27 11:40:37 MST 2003

One thing I would like to work on is a enhancement to voicemail so that the person leaving the message is allowed to leave a callback number. 

As follows:

Caller leaves message, * response is "You are calling from" $CALLERIDNUMBER "if you wish to leave this as your call back number hang up or press 1, to change press 2 now.

If 1 - hangup
if 2 - Prompt:

	Please enter the number you with to have " {insert name announcement hear} "return your call at"

This will allow someone to call into the asterisk system, Authenticate via there VM password. And have asterisk call the caller back from asterisk. This way it becomes a central interface for calls.  It also allows you to call in on your 800 number and return calls using only one call.  It is an awesome feature, the phone system I have now lets me do that. I can return calls never have to block or give out my cell...  All calls go through the office.

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I'm going to have a big run of voice recordings done by Allison Smith 
in the next week or so.  Does anyone have a patch or "core 
application" that is waiting on voice recordings by Allison in order 
to be implemented?  I'll offer a limited amount of free recordings 
donated back to the project if you can give me a short list of the 
words.  I reserve the right to decide what is worthy.  :)

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