[Asterisk-Dev] vmail.cgi: File permissions

Shawn L. Djernes shawn at djernes.org
Fri Jun 20 19:55:42 MST 2003

Here are some ideas on this topic.

1. First the make file or what ever installs the vmail.cgi does not install
it on a Debian system.  I have to copy it manually to /usr/lib/cgi-bin.
2. Why not have the Voicemail have the UID/GID of certain user and then have
the vmail.cgi switch to that user when someone logs in.
3. Or the most tricky because most people probably don't use there Asterisk
server as the mail server in there net but some of us only have one server
so have the UID/GID set the user when they login and then have the Voicemail
belong to that user like most e-mail systems do.  Even Better yet have the
Voicemail stored in the users home directory so their quota applies to it.

Just some thoughts.


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I'm working on vmail.cgi; being able to work on voicemails through a web
interface is waaaay friendlier than "message at a time" through the POTS

It doesn't work out of the box if the UID of the web server (in my case
"nobody") isn't the same as the UID of the asterisk process (in my case
"root").  Not even reading messages works because the VM files are
created with permissions 700.

So I wonder what the correct way of doing this is?  Opening up
/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail to the world doesn't seem like a very good
choice, but having vmail.cgi run as root seems even less good.



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