[Asterisk-Dev] Call progress tone detector questions

Stephen Davies steve at daviesfam.org
Thu Jun 19 07:24:43 MST 2003


I've been tweaking the call-progress tone detector to work nicely for
me here in the UK.

I notice that Asterisk stops listening for tones once it has heard
talking.  I suppose at that point the call is answered.

That's a shame because a busy signal is played when the callee hangs
up at the end of the call.  And, for me at least, the tone detector is
much better at spotting the busy signal than the bust detect
routine.  (Especially because in the UK that signal starts as a
continuous tone).

What comments on keeping the audio processing through the tone
detector all the way through the call in order to detect that the
callee has hung up?  How much load will that be?

It would also help detect hangup on incoming calls.


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