[Asterisk-Dev] Adding "Park" Command to manager.c

Levent Guendogdu l.guendogdu at feature-it.com
Sat Jun 7 04:13:19 MST 2003


I need the ability to park an arbitrary call using the manager
interface. I decided to implement that command, which was very easy, but
left me with a much bigger problem:

The problem is: when I compile * and it's being linked, it morns about
undefined reference to ast_park_call, because that beast is in
res_parking of course and not linked to * directly. How am I supposed to
be able to call those park commands from the manager then?

Thanks for any hint, this currently is a showstopper for me, because I
cannot finish my call center app. If you, of course, see a better way to
park any arbitary call using the manager ( I tried redirecting the call
to the 700-park-extension - no-go ), please let me know.


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