[Asterisk-Dev] zaptel driver reads

rafael.gonzalez at avanzada7.com rafael.gonzalez at avanzada7.com
Thu Jun 5 04:49:18 MST 2003


I have problems with zap channel.

When * detects a call through X100P,  it pickup the call but when the
other side of communication hangups, * doesn't recognize hungup.

I think, this problem its resolved with your 'patch'.  Please, i need
more information for resolved this problem.

Thanks in advance

Rafael Gonzalez Lomeña

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Subject: [Asterisk-Dev] zaptel driver reads

> Hi,
> I noticed that doing a read on a zaptel driver file descriptor will
> discard any bytes in the current zaptel buffer that were not consumed
> by the read. i.e. If there are 200 bytes in the current read buffer, and
> a user process invokes read asking for 150 bytes, then the remaining
> 50 bytes will be discarded by the driver and will never be received by
> the user.
> So for instance if a user process is reading a zaptel clear channel, it
> should always set the channels bufsize (using ioctl) to equal the chunk
> size it will use for reads on that channel.
> Note:  I modified zt_read in zaptel.c so that it did not discard the extra
>          bytes just to be sure I understood this behaviour correctly
> Since Im new to asterisk I wondered if anyone could tell me whether this
> designed behaviour ? i.e. Is it a well known prerequisite to using the
> driver that the bufsize should always be initialised. (Like zap_open does
> in zapata)
> Thanks,
> Liam.
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