[Asterisk-Dev] Comedian Mail features

Brad Bergman bradley at bergman.ca
Wed Jul 30 01:14:50 MST 2003

On July 25, 2003 10:58 am, Alex Lopez wrote:

> > correct name.  How hard would it be to add something to
> > voicemail.conf??
> I'll try to add something to voicemail.conf to specify the context for
> outgoing calls from a specific mailbox. 

Okay, here's what I've done. I've left [vmout] as the default context for 
outgoing calls, which can be overridden by setting "outcontext" equal to 
whatever you like in [general], which in turn can be overridden by a field 
tacked onto the end of the individual mailbox specifications (mailbox => 
password,full name,email,pager,options,outgoingcontext).

> What would also be nice is to a better way to determine if a message was
> left by someone who has a mailbox or not ...
> Then there is also the question of how to get the CID value associated
> with your mailbox to use for a message that you compose while logged
> in
> Brad
> [Alex Lopez]
> I see your point on the 'return caller to VM' issue. I will think about
> it..
> CID to match name may not work too well, as some configs may not
> associate an extension w/ a mailbox.  
> One solution would be to set the CID to the mailbox number that I logged
> in as. 

Yes, good point. I've done this (CID number = mailbox if you are logged in), 
and otherwise just left the CID as is. 

Using the CID number as-is is fine for call backs (well, at least in as far as 
it becomes somebody else's problem, in this case extensions.conf's problem, 
to figure out how to place the call based on that number), but for replies, 
the voicemail app has to figure out how to get the CID and mailbox number to 
match up somehow. For now, I'll just hope that they do.

Anyways, my updates are at www.brad.scatter.net/vmail as before.


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