[Asterisk-Dev] Comedian Mail features

Alex Lopez alex at opsys.com
Fri Jul 25 10:58:03 MST 2003

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> On Thu, 24 Jul 2003 11:48:59 -0400, Alex Lopez <alex at opsys.com> wrote:
> > It occurred to me that maybe an additional; field in voicemail.conf
> > be added for this, I would prefer to read from zapata.conf so as to
> > one less file to edit during moves/adds/deletes. But, if a mailbox
is a 
> From: Ryan Tucker [mailto:rtucker at netacc.net]
> As someone who is completely SIP-based, I'm voting against keeping it
> zapata.conf.  :-)
> On Thu, 24 Jul 2003, Alex Lopez wrote:
> Agreed, SIP does not use zapata.conf. I'll second your vote, as the
> other technologies do not use zapata.
> correct name.  How hard would it be to add something to

I'll try to add something to voicemail.conf to specify the context for
outgoing calls from a specific mailbox. The one advantage to having
outgoing voicemail calls grouped together in one special context is that
it would be easy to return the caller to voicemail after their outgoing
call concludes, but I'm sure it is not inconceivable the other way.

What would also be nice is to a better way to determine if a message was
left by someone who has a mailbox or not (for reply & name readback and
such). My solution was to try to match CID to mailbox number, which
requires some thought during configuration to make those match. It seems

like it should be possible to check the channel conf file for a mailbox 
number at the time a message is left, and write the mailbox number in
message info file, but it is not immediately obvious to me how to do

Then there is also the question of how to get the CID value associated
with your mailbox to use for a message that you compose while logged
your mailbox (since you could have logged in from someone else's
or from offsite).  And maybe you have multiple channels with different
CID's but a single mailbox. Yuck.


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I see your point on the 'return caller to VM' issue. I will think about

CID to match name may not work too well, as some configs may not
associate an extension w/ a mailbox.  Also if I dial in and enter 8500
and leave a message for a person after being logged in, it may not show
the proper CID since I am calling from an outside line or other
extension and that would show as the CID.  It may be better; to just
call the user back via the CID if it exists, if not feature is not

One solution would be to set the CID to the mailbox number that I logged
in as. I have authenticated so you know it's me.  If the mailboxes match
extension numbers as the usually do, this would work.  If the mailboxes
have a prefix associated with them a value in either the general of more
specifically to each mailbox could be added in voicemail.conf.  

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