[Asterisk-Dev] RE: Hardware support for TDM

Emanuele Pucciarelli ep at acm.org
Tue Jul 29 04:45:25 MST 2003

Il mar, 2003-07-29 alle 01:46, timecop at pbx.mine.nu ha scritto:

> There are 3 PCI slots, one is used by the second NIC and 2 other empty.
> The card locked up 3 times while being in the slot next to the NIC,
> Haven't locked up yet after I moved it to the farthest away PCI slot, but
> I haven't been touching asterisk or zap-related stuff as much as I could
> help it.
> When the card "crashes", it stops generating interrupts according to
> /proc/interrupts. removing wcfxs module "works", reinsterting it fails
> wiht "unable to determine freshmaker version". After this a reboot is
> required.

Same thing here with the TDM10B, on an old PCServer 330 featuring the
same chipset as far as I can tell, and probably much of the mainboard. 
No solution to found in MANY hours, and I wouldn't think that the power
supply has to do with that - that Delta Electronics is probably the best
I've ever had. :)

It might be that the new version that Mark's working on fixes that



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