[Asterisk-Dev] Hardware support for TDM

Claude Klimos claude.klimos at aheeva.com
Mon Jul 28 07:43:00 MST 2003

Hi All,
Last week I had problems installing the TDM DK on my Dell Dimension
2100. Digium support confirmed that there is an incompatibility problem
between the TDM card (TDM400P) and the motherboard, and that problem
will be fixed sometime in September (which is too late for me). Also,
Digium tech support were unable to provide me with a list of supported
Can someone tell me what platform they're using (brand/model/clone)? I
am not looking for a high end server for now. The purpose is to evaluate
Asterisk with the Digium cards and develop a simple 'proof of concept'
Also, would using a Dialogic card a good alternative? Has anyone used an
analog Dialogic card with Asterisk? which model?
Thanks for any help/suggestions/recommendations
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