[Asterisk-Dev] SIP Session-Timer support in asterisk

timecop at pbx.mine.nu timecop at pbx.mine.nu
Sun Jul 27 02:02:54 MST 2003

weird Ive been trying to send this mail for hte last few weeks and it
isnt getting through... another repost..

According to this document,


This is some rather new feature designed to timeout idle SIP sessions.
Unfortunately, the SIP provider I use decided to implement this "feature".
Asterisk does not support it.
I (temporarily) hacked it by adding required headers into transmit_invite,
however that cancels the call after Session-Expires number of seconds,
because INVITE/UPDATE isnt sent back in that period.

Anyone has same problem and knows enough about asterisk internals to
develop support for this "feature"?

The real reason I think these guys are implementing support for it is
because here SIP is billed per minute for all calls, so they would
naturally want to timeout sessions isntead of billing for hours of calls
that were over long time ago...


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