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On Thu, 24 Jul 2003 12:17:16 -0400, Alex Lopez <alex at opsys.com> wrote:
> On the customer I am configuring now, they have several companies
> out of one location.  I put the different phones, sip, and IAX into
> correct context for outgoing calls so that CID shows the correct name.

> How hard would it be to add something to voicemail.conf??

>We're in the same boat, more or less -- different companies, one

>I was thinking of using a database to keep track of things.  Perhaps
>base extension handling altogether out of the database.

I haven't had a chance to play with that yet, how hard was it the
configure??? Can you share some examples??

> As far as call forwarding is concerned. I am thinking about having a
> that the user can place a value of 'where' they are. I would then do a

> lookup against the DB and send the call there.

>We are using the Asterisk internal DB currently, as it's there, it's
>and the call forwarding code posted to asterisk-users a bit ago uses
it.  I 
>don't think I'd be too adverse to PostgreSQL, except I'm not sure about
>reliability concerns of throwing in a couple SQL queries in the middle
>call processing.  I am, however, wondering how effective it would be to

>edit the physical database files outside of Asterisk.

Editing outside of * may pose a problem. How ever MySql or Postgress
should not be a big problem, as php exist for both.

> My idea is to use touch tones and the phone as an interface as someone

> may not have access to a browser, but usually always have access to a 
> phone. These options are not mutually exclusive.

>Yup.  The phone-based processing is quite doable, and is being done
>However, our management seems to have a thing for pretty pictures, and
>would be cool to be able to adjust things remotely.  -rt

I was planning on putting the whole Dial string ie SIP/999 or ZAP/999,
or  IAX/blah:blah at, or even ZAP/g2/18005551212 in the
database.  If I was doing this in shell, I would do something like this:

Where 123 is the argument:

Grep "$1" /etc/asterisk/extensions.list

It returns:

I store that in a Variable call DIALARG

Then I would 

Exten => 123,1,Dial(${DIALARG})


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