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Alex Lopez alex at opsys.com
Thu Jul 24 08:48:59 MST 2003

I like what you have done so far, however, it would be nice if you looked up the context that the owner of the mailbox is in zapata.conf. Reason being that a user could leave a voice mail for a low access extension say a shipping department,  the caller could leave a long distance number.

By default that shipping extension would not be able to make long distance calls, but if they 'return the call' they are using a context that would allow them to do so. 

Also, if you are multi-homing your PBX, ie hosting more than one company, You would want the call to go out the proper trunk group.

It occurred to me that maybe an additional; field in voicemail.conf could be added for this, I would prefer to read from zapata.conf so as to have one less file to edit during moves/adds/deletes. But, if a mailbox is a guest mailbox, (no port associated with it) The outbound context could be stored there or simply if no context info available default to the vmout context.

I thank you for working on this as I was abnout to begin, if you need any help , let me know...


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I've been working recently to try and add some fairly standard additional
features to Comedian Mail like:

- recording options: accept, replay, re-record
- compose message or place outgoing call
- reply to or call sender
- hear sender's number or recorded name
- temporary greetings
- some way to log into your mailbox after calling your own extension

The catch is that I don't write software normally ... but I have a patch
that I've been testing for several days that seems to work okay. If anyone
wants to take a look at it and give me their thoughts, I've posted the
patch, some sounds, and a much more detailed explanation at


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