[Asterisk-Dev] Mods to app+AF8-privacy.c

Alex Lopez alex at opsys.com
Tue Jul 8 17:46:15 MST 2003

I had a problem, I didn't want to blast people with the SIT tone. But I
didn't want to be bothered by callers hiding the number, Telemarketers,
ex-girlfriends, etc. etc.  So I came up with this:

I made some modifications to the PrivacyManager application.

It now reads a variable in the configuration file and if drop is set to
!=0 it does not give the person a change to enter number and goes right
to priority + 101 after playing the privacy-unident prompt.

I have included both files for your comments.

What is the proper procedure for getting this added to the CVS??

Consider this code public and part of the Asterisk system for use by all
who wish!!!

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