[Asterisk-Dev] FXO Hardware Sourcing

Mathew Frank mfrank at bigpond.net.au
Fri Feb 28 08:25:19 MST 2003

> Tilghman Lesher wrote:
> >4.  While I don't really blame you for trying to find cheap
> >hardware, do you really think it is wise to attempt to undermine
> >the revenue stream of the guy who wrote the system?
> >
> >
> Especially in a forum hosted by Digium.

That may not be his reason.

Personally I would love to buy digium products - I cannot legally do so in
the 1-4 port range.   I have been champing at the bit for a year and a half
to start using Asterisk for our own business and with a partner for
Small-medium size offices, and until digium gets the legal paperwork done
for Australia/NZ it`s a no go

So while I may donate to digium, at this time I cannot buy and resell the
products to what I see as a niche market in Australia that will soon get
filled by sombody else ;-(

So I am DEFINETELY interested in this or anything else (that is vaguely
affordable ie. saleable) I can use in Australia - digium or otherwise.   FYI
that actiontec thing is available right now in NZ for about $170

Incidentally, has anyone looked at this Open Source Project using
full-duplex voice modems on linux? http://www.vocpsystem.com   Just stumbled
over it.
They quote a usable modem list of:
    Zyxel 1496 and 2864
    MultiTech MultiModem MT2834 ZDX V and MT5600ZDXV External
    ELSA MicroLink TQV series
    US Robotics/3Com 56K Voice FaxModem Model 5610
    Diamond 56e Pro voice
    External Zoom/Faxmodem V.92
    Zoom 56K PCI internal


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