[Asterisk-Dev] Crappy New Year - AGI is b0rked

ml at neoninternet.com ml at neoninternet.com
Wed Dec 31 17:38:00 MST 2003

> In the interest of spreading some cheer, I thought I'd announce that
> seems to be totally b0rked in the latest CVS.  Every time I run an
> AGI,
> Asterisk goes nuts and refuses to playback sound files and crashes
> remote Asterisk consoles... *after* the AGI was done running.
> Now before you think I'm drunk or nuts, remember that I don't drink
> and
> that Brian West (bkw_) logged in and verified that it really was
> happening.
> Could somebody *PLEASE* fix this?  Contact me if you'd like to log in
> and poke around to reproduce the problem....
> Jared

I remember having problems with AGI after I applied PHM's patch which since has been comitted to CVS.  I'm not sure what it was supposted to fix, but it gave me some problems.

This will take it back out:

--- app_agi.c.prev      Thu Dec 25 19:11:35 2003
+++ app_agi.c   Thu Dec 25 19:14:27 2003
@@ -167,10 +167,6 @@
        /* close what we're not using in the parent */
-        // [PHM 12/18/03]
-        close(audio[0]);
        *opid = pid;
        return 0;


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