[Asterisk-Dev] MGCP patch to interoperate with Cisco IAD243X

Juan J. Sierralta P. juanjo at atmlab.utfsm.cl
Sat Dec 20 18:20:30 MST 2003


	I´m trying to make work Asterisk against a Cisco IAD2431 with
chan_mgcp. Since chan_mgcp assumes the Line package is the default which
is not the usual with Cisco´s GW I made a little patch which signals the
package. Also the event "cg" is on Generic Media package so I changed
"cg" to "G/cg". I can make and receive calls know and I think it
shouldn´t hurt others MGCP endpoints.
	There are other problems, for example Cisco don´t like how Asterisk
signals more than one codec, since a:PCMU;PCMA should be used instead of
a:PCMU, a:PCMA. And chan_mgcp always uses ulaw as the default even if a
use "allow" in mgcp.conf. I´ll try to make GSM work and some other
stuff, like hook flash transfer and then send aonther patch since that
could break interoperation with others mgcp GWs.
	Who is the author of chan_mgcp ? Mark ?

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