[Asterisk-Dev] Re: VoiceTronix OpenSwitch12 Problem

Ahmad Faiz afaiz at bridge-cti.com
Wed Dec 17 19:54:39 MST 2003

> The problem is at channels/chan_vpb.c. Look at the Dialtone, Busytone
> and Ringbacktone arrays. On this arrays, you have a DB Level equal to
> zero but VPB driver accepts DBLevels < 0. So you have to change the DB
> Levels to anything less than 0. I suggest -12 (minus 12) that is the
> default DBLevel for VPBs boards.
> Daniel

Based on the VPB helpfile that came on the windows driver package (should
also apply to linux-based installations), under the section "Tone Detector
Limits", the minlevel1 and minlevel2 parameters of the tone detector have a
maximum level of 0, so the tone definitions look to be ok, from a
maximum-value perspective.

However I think the problem lies in the fact that the Busytone and
Ringbacktone have values that are (possibly?) outside the valid range of DB
levels; as came on my version of asterisk, these two tones in chan_vpb.c
both had a value of -100 for the second and third tone levels respectively.
Setting this to a value of around -15 to -5 seems to do the trick.

Bear in mind i'm using the OpenLine-based cards; not sure if the same will
apply to the OpenSwitch cards though.


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