[Asterisk-Dev] SEGV in CVS version of Asterisk

James Golovich james at wwnet.net
Wed Dec 10 10:07:12 MST 2003

On Wed, 10 Dec 2003, Ron OHara wrote:

> Hi,
> Nope - instant Segmentation Fault.
> So - after a bit of tracking around with 'ddd' I found that the problem 
> is in the 'monitor' thread of the 'chan_vpb' driver.
> Since I dont have a Voicetronix Voice Processing Board (VPB) in the 
> system, it's not surprising that all the setup stuff is null or not 
> initialised.
> My question is:  How do I tell the configs that I dont have a VPB 
> installed? - as a secondary issue, somewhere in the startup, the 
> initialisation of the VPB card should have failed and not let this 
> situation move forward to where it SEGV's .... if there is no config 
> file change I can make, can someone point me to (roughly) where the 
> initialisation happens so that I can make it tolerate the lack of hardware.

Do you have the voicetronix library and header files installed?  Thats how
the Makefile decides if it should build chan_vpb, the same thing happens
with chan_zap.  If you have the zaptel modules installed then asterisk
will build assuming you have zap devices installed.

So while I'll agree that all code should be bugfree, I'll also say that
you shouldn't install libraries for hardware you don't have.


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