[Asterisk-Dev] SEGV in CVS version of Asterisk

Ron OHara rono at sentuny.com.au
Tue Dec 9 20:53:02 MST 2003


Maybe someone can suggest how to bypass this problem.

I took a copy of asterisk from CVS and did the 'make clean ; make 
install ; make samples' and tried starting it (with all the configs 
unchanged) just to see if it would start.

Nope - instant Segmentation Fault.

So - after a bit of tracking around with 'ddd' I found that the problem 
is in the 'monitor' thread of the 'chan_vpb' driver.

The SEGV occurs on line 142 of 'vpb-driver-2.2.34/src/fifo.cpp' - not 
surprising since it is handed a NULL pointer as it's queue to read from.
This was called from line 2185 of 'vpb-driver-2.2.34/src//vpbapi.cpp' 
and is where the 'vpb_get_event_sync' routine tries to do an initial 
read from a queue pointer (variable name is APIQ) ... and this pointer 
is also NULL.

Since I dont have a Voicetronix Voice Processing Board (VPB) in the 
system, it's not surprising that all the setup stuff is null or not 

My question is:  How do I tell the configs that I dont have a VPB 
installed? - as a secondary issue, somewhere in the startup, the 
initialisation of the VPB card should have failed and not let this 
situation move forward to where it SEGV's .... if there is no config 
file change I can make, can someone point me to (roughly) where the 
initialisation happens so that I can make it tolerate the lack of hardware.

Ron O'Hara

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