[Asterisk-Dev] (no subject)

Nicholas Hart nic at gttelegraph.net
Tue Dec 9 16:45:04 MST 2003

Hello.  Please forgive if this is off-topic, i.e. more Zaptel than

I would like to use the Digium four port E1/T1 TE410P in a slightly
unusual fashion....

I want to connect two ports in bi-directional 'pass thru' HDLC mode, and
tee off the traffic into a file/process for offline processing.

The E1/T1 trunk in question is a C7/SS7 signalling trunk, and my aim is to
post-process the signalling messages in order to generate billing
information (CDRs).

I have seen in the Zaptel configuration file it is possible to set-up the
ports in what seems appropriate fashion - what I am looking for is
pointers to some user-mode code which would set-up pass-thru at HDLC
packet level, which code could then be hacked to copy/redirect packets for
monitoring.  Any suggestions for code to parse the SS7 stream would be a

Nicholas Hart

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