[Asterisk-Dev] Autoconf support -- testers needed

William Waites asterisk at lists.styx.org
Mon Dec 8 09:36:59 MST 2003

On Sun, Dec 07, 2003 at 05:37:55PM -0800, Chris Albertson wrote:
> I was going to do this job myself.  So BIG thanks.  I did
> convert vovida.org's public STUN code to use autotools/libtools
> and it should by now be in thier CVS.  It was surprizingly
> hard to find testers so I'll make certain to try your
> stuff on some of my machines

great :)

> I have access to Various Solaris boxes (SPARC and Intel)
> with variuos version numbers and compilers.  I can do it
> next week.

no big hurry.

> Where you able to remove all the "if linux, if bsd..." stuff
> out of the Makefile?    What about testing for things like
> "3dnow" and so on?  I'll look

all of that stuff is gone, replaced with 'is this header here,
is this library' in the configure script, and parts of the 
Makefiles are included or not based on the results of 
AM_CONDITIONAL(...) in the configure script.

i have only worked on the Makefiles so far, so these types of
#ifdef tests can still be found in the sources
though, and should be the next thing to go -- bug no file
includes config.h yet.

this is the first i have seen mention of 3dnow, but now i 
see it is a defined in dsp.c. if you know how to test for
it, then it could be easily added to the configure script.
otherwise maybe just a dumb --enable-3dnow switch...

here's a list of the current configuration options:

  --enable-k6opt        enable MMXTM optimization for the GSM codec
  --enable-debug        turn on debugging in the C compiler
  --enable-profile      turn on profiling in the C compiler
  --enable-debug-threads        turn thread debugging
  --enable-do-crash     ...more debugging
  --enable-trace-frames ast_frame tracing
  --enable-malloc-debug enable malloc debugging
  --enable-busydetect   original busydetect routine
  --enable-busydetect-martin    improved busydetect outine, default
  --enable-busydetect-toneonly  detect busy signal looking only at tone lengths
  --enable-busydetect-cts       enforce detection of busy signal
  --enable-new-pri-hangup       new pri hangup routines, enabled by default
  --enable-old-zapata   use old zaptel drivers
  --enable-mysql-friends        enable friends to be stored in mysql db
  --enable-chan-modem   enable chan_modem (BROKEN)
  --enable-vofr enable Voice over Frame Relay support
  --enable-voicemail-postgresql use postgresql backend for voicemail application
  --enable-voicemail-odbc       use odbc backend for voicemail application (WAIT)
  --enable-g723a        enable G723 Annex A support (sources must be in codec/g723.1 directory)
  --enable-g723b        enable G723 Annex B support (sources must be in codec/g723.1b directory)
  --enable-ilbc enable G723 ilbc support (sources must be in codec/ilbc directory)

  --with-optimize=flag  optimizations for C compile (default -O2)
  --with-postgresql     include postgresql support
  --with-postgresql-include     location of postgresql headers
  --with-postgresql-lib location of postgresql libraries
  --with-odbc   include odbc support
  --with-odbc-include   location of odbc headers
  --with-odbc-lib       location of odbc libraries
  --with-speex  include speex support
  --with-speex-include  location of speex headers
  --with-speex-lib      location of speex libraries
  --with-openssl        include openssl support
  --with-openssl-include        location of openssl headers
  --with-openssl-lib    location of openssl libraries
  --with-extra-includes where to look for headers in addition to the standard places
  --with-extra-libs     where to look for libraries in addition to the standard places


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