[Asterisk-Dev] Autoconf support -- testers needed

Greg Varga gvarga at bvcompuworks.com
Sun Dec 7 20:32:59 MST 2003

LOL  I also was going to do this (hence the message a few days ago
about the subject).

I have a Fedora box, as well as a few RedHat boxes that I will try
these on, and let you know how they went.

Thanks for the tarballs, and all the work you saved me doing! :)


On Sun, 7 Dec 2003 17:37:55 -0800 (PST), Chris Albertson wrote:

>I was going to do this job myself.  So BIG thanks.  I did
>convert vovida.org's public STUN code to use autotools/libtools
>and it should by now be in thier CVS.  It was surprizingly
>hard to find testers so I'll make certain to try your
>stuff on some of my machines
>I have access to Various Solaris boxes (SPARC and Intel)
>with variuos version numbers and compilers.  I can do it
>next week.
>Where you able to remove all the "if linux, if bsd..." stuff
>out of the Makefile?    What about testing for things like
>"3dnow" and so on?  I'll look
>If you don't hear from me, bug me off list (without the [Asterisk-Dev]
>in subject.)  I see off-list email quicker.
>--- William Waites <asterisk at lists.styx.org> wrote:
>> Hello everyone!
>> I have integrated GNU autoconf, automake and libtool support
>> into Asterisk based on recent CVS.
>> It is not quite finished yet, but is mostly there. What is 
>> missing is particularly detection of OpenH323, for which there
>> are stubs in the configure.ac, as well as some more esoteric
>> features like VPB, which I don't know how to check for.
>> (that's what those FIXME messages in the configure output
>> are).
>> I have tested the configure and build under Debian GNU/Linux,
>> FreeBSD and OpenBSD. NetBSD should work as well but you must
>> be running -current to have kernel threads -- it will NOT 
>> work on 1.6.1.
>> If you would like to try this out, please do and tell me 
>> what happens. All feedback is greatly appreciated.
>> I would particularly like to know how well it does on any
>> Solaris, IRIX and HP-UX boxes that might be floating around.
>> The UNOFFICIAL tarballs are:
>> http://parc.styx.org/asterisk/asterisk-testing-0.5.2.tar.gz
>> and 
>> http://parc.styx.org/asterisk/asterisk-testing-0.5.3.tar.gz
>> the difference being that the latter also includes the SIP+NAT
>> patch, the syslog logging patch and the distinctive ring patch.
>> Again, feedback is appreciated.
>> -w
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