[Asterisk-Dev] VoiceXML Connectivity for Asterisk

TC trclark at shaw.ca
Thu Dec 4 14:50:36 MST 2003

So it seems I'll talk to myself a lot here for fun..
> I would suggest that this is realy just another plugable Manager interface
> that speaks VXML and parse's the VXML syntax to native * API's.
> In the same manner a M$ TSPI interface would parse TAPI service provider
> socket calls
> or like a purpose built custom client would use a custom TCP RPC msgs.
> I beleive this is the same philosophy * uses at the channel/codec level
> where
> for example Dial works basically the same independent of the technology...
> In this case each logical Manager will get remapped to common under laying
> native c api's...( mostly in pbx.c & channel.c)
> What is needed is some abstraction in manager so it can call the correct
> parser
> for each logical manager interface cmd dialect &
> remap to the internal * api's that corresponds to the  CTI function
> eg current Manager cmd Originate, is like TSPI_LineDial,
> they are both going to invoke ast_pbx_outgoing_ext, or
> other common pbx.c / channel.c 'c' level api's
> OR is this a wrong design & each interface should just be a full
> implemenation
> of a manager type socket listener ??
So I made a copy of manager.c and copied it to apps/app_mymanager.c
Then added the app required interface & in the load_module just called the
init_manager , to start the perment thread to listen on another port
and we have plugable manager interfaces ......

Now this is kinda interesting if it gets called from the dial plan
i just needs to diddle the myManger_exec interface & its an app
oh no wait it was a tcp connection from the perment thread on the
load_module its a plug able manager :)
--prolly gonna be some interesting threading issues here but
  wiith a little thinking here i am sure it can support dual the interfaces
I am App
No wait I am socket Manager

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