[Asterisk-Dev] VoiceXML Connectivity for Asterisk

TC trclark at shaw.ca
Wed Dec 3 12:32:00 MST 2003

> On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 06:59, Raj Kiran Talusani wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I have seen a few people asking for VoiceXML support for Asterisk.
> > We are developers of  Platform technologies in VoIP and Telephony
> > space using the VoiceXML, SIP, CCXML etc standards.
> >
> > We have plans to write a connector module for Asterisk. That way
> > our VoiceXML gateways will use Asterisk as the telephony platform
> > of directly dealing with the Telephony Hardware. And i think if we do
> > we have to release source code for this module as GPL, and we are ok
> > with that.
> >
> > I think, we can do this in two ways. By writing a new channel
> > (chan_voicexml)
> > or an application that can be called by asterisk at any time
> > Which one would be better?
I would suggest that this is realy just another plugable Manager interface
that speaks VXML and parse's the VXML syntax to native * API's.
In the same manner a M$ TSPI interface would parse TAPI service provider
socket calls
or like a purpose built custom client would use a custom TCP RPC msgs.

I beleive this is the same philosophy * uses at the channel/codec level
for example Dial works basically the same independent of the technology...
In this case each logical Manager will get remapped to common under laying *
native c api's...( mostly in pbx.c & channel.c)

What is needed is some abstraction in manager so it can call the correct
for each logical manager interface cmd dialect &
remap to the internal * api's that corresponds to the  CTI function
eg current Manager cmd Originate, is like TSPI_LineDial,
they are both going to invoke ast_pbx_outgoing_ext, or
other common pbx.c / channel.c 'c' level api's

OR is this a wrong design & each interface should just be a full
of a manager type socket listener ??

comments ??

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