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What you need to do is set a cron job to drop in calls in the call queue
directory ("/var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/") . When you generate the calls
have the calls drop the callee's in the conference room context. That way
when the user pick up's the phone will here the prompt of the system asking
for the conference room number. Or you can be more fancy and include that on
the call. Also, you might have to play a little with some timers on the
outbound calls....

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I have successfully made MeetMe Simple Conference work ? this is "Dial-in"
Conference ? anyone who wants to join in the conference just dials the DN
(Direct Number) set on Asterisk. But is it possible to make a "Dial-out"
conference ? make Asterisk to initiate conference calls to all individuals
who are supposed to participate the conference?

Thanks in advance,

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