[Asterisk-Dev] Re: VoiceXML Connectivity for Asterisk

Raj Kiran Talusani raj at phonologies.com
Wed Dec 3 21:29:10 MST 2003

> >I think, we can do this in two ways. By writing a new channel 
> >or an application that can be called by asterisk at any time 
> >Which one would be better?
> > app_voicexml would make most sense to me (similar to app_agi, really).
>>of course that would only work if there was an opensource VXML
>>implementation we could use. In this case it appears that there is a
>>commercial company wanting to play mostly nice.

There are OpenSource VoiceXML interpreters available already. OpenVXI, 
publicVoiceXML, Elvira blah blah. So, you can always use my app_voicexml and 
integrate it with any of these if you don't want to buy it from me :-). I am 
writing it in such a way that VoiceXML interpreter and Asterisk will be 
totally seperated and communicate with some protocol. You buy the interpreter 
from me only if you need support, future upgrades and the likes. I am a 
supporter of Opensource community, infact we are coming up with an opensource 
project which will be Licensed under BSD license, no ristrictions on usage. 
But you can not expect everything free :-) ... digium has hardware cards to 
sell .. what do i have :-)))


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