[Asterisk-Dev] IAX2 call variable passing between servers

Linus Surguy linus at magrathea-telecom.co.uk
Wed Dec 3 09:57:33 MST 2003

> On 03/12/03 12:42, Linus Surguy wrote:
> > Quite right, I am thinking of doing something slightly broader that your
> > original idea, however all I'm looking for is being able to transmit
> > variables over IAX - the rest can come later, the important trick is to
> > the groundwork now.
> [...]
> Everyone will probably baulk at the idea, but how about serializing
> things into XML and sending over as some kind of specially-flagged TEXT
> payload?

We are not necessarily talking about data transfered whilst the call is in
progress, rather data transfered at call setup time.

Also, I havnt yet looked at the protocol, but I suspect we will be limited
to the maximum datagram size of the UDP packet, which means that the less
wrapping the better!


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