[Asterisk-Dev] SMS over PRI/E1?

Emanuele Pucciarelli ep at acm.org
Wed Dec 3 06:04:46 MST 2003

On Wed, Dec 03, 2003 at 10:02:29AM +0100, Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk wrote:

> > If you mean sending a SMS to a PSTN endpoint, I have some code to do it, but
> > I never released it as it was just an experiment... (It could be easily
> > changed to send a SMS to a PSTN SMSC.)
> What I want, is to send SMS messages to people whenever something
> crashes, servers going down etc. Could this be done? Will I need to ask
> my telco for an SMS endpoint somehow (SMSC?)

Yes, it is surely possible, but I guess you'd rather use a web service for
this.  If your telco does not provide it, and if you do not want to use
foreign service providers (it should be still possible outside Italy, isn't
it?) then you probably want to send them over PSTN.  Your telco should have
a SMSC for their network.  Here in Italy it does exist and, in fact, the
variant of the ETSI protocol we use here requires the user terminal to know
the SMSC's number: when a call comes in, if the CID is the SMSC's number,
then the terminal does not even ring; instead it goes off hook and receives
the SMS.  The coding is the same FSK coding used for CID, but "interactive":
the endpoint has to perform modulation too, of course (to send SM's,
acknowledgements, to signal exhausted memory or other conditions to the
SMSC, and so on).



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