[Asterisk-Dev] Bug Num 0000456

Linus Surguy linus at magrathea-telecom.co.uk
Tue Dec 2 14:42:07 MST 2003


Hi Mark et al,

Please, if you have a moment, can you answer this one:

Was it your intention that the ability to set/override a callerid by using a
parameter in iax.conf DOES NOT APPLY if the incoming call sent a NULL

If not, then the fix is easy, remove the if (strlen) bit from:

if (strlen(iaxs[callno]->callerid)) {
if (user->hascallerid)
strncpy(iaxs[callno]->callerid, user->callerid,
strncpy(iaxs[callno]->ani, user->callerid, sizeof(iaxs[callno]->ani)-1);

If it was your intent, please say so, and we can make a note to manually
patch it our end each time we checkout as we need the callerid= bit to
always work.


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