[Asterisk-Dev] Compiling problem

Alastair Maw asterisk at almaw.com
Tue Dec 2 11:58:29 MST 2003

Kang.ChenJi at c3smail.monmouth.army.mil wrote:
> I just downloaded the fresh copy from Asterisk CVS Server, but I got
>  following problem when I tried to compile them:
> [...]

No, you didn't download a fresh copy. You blatantly did a cvs update, 
not a cvs checkout.

> I believe I am using gnu make. In /usr/src/asterisk/Makefile, I commented
> following 3 lines, then the compiling went forward:
> #<<<<<<< Makefile
> [...]
> #=======
> [...]
> #>>>>>>> 1.64
> [...]
> I am currently using Red Hat Linux 9.0. Is it possible that someone made
> some modification in Makefile. I have no problem when I compiled
> /usr/src/zapata and /usr/src/lippri.

They did indeed make modifications.

Please go and google for "cvs conflict" and be enlightened.


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