[Asterisk-biz] RE: CC Fraud more info

Mike asterisk.forum at teliax.com
Sat Jun 25 05:45:15 MST 2005

my percentage on last 150 signups.

15% amex
35% visa
35% mc

They got FULL CVV , AVS, ADDRESS , PHONE AND NAME of client Card they use.
+ they use multiple proxy chains with roundrobin changing every hit..

i made a SMS trigger for any suspicious signups...

this is not a user making fraud to place personal calls.

this IS A user making money off the calls... by the TELCO paying them as
stated ealrier in this forum..

dialed numbers are of course 90% IRAK,IRAN,ISRAEL.
and of course we all know the possibilities of these mean.

Bank used is not an option as VISA , MC etc GW's do not pass along that info
We do collect the info as well as bank name.

We did reduce 99% in frauds now BUT Im not happy till its 100%

now implementing realtime blocks on destinations

+ im SERIOUSELY taking a look at Buyer Authentication from the Verisign
etc portals

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