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Jason Becker wrote:

> Hi Ted,
> Ted Wallingford wrote:
>> I've been having a hard time finding a straight answer on this--- 
>> maybe you all can help. It's a terminology question.
>> What is the name for the class of telephone carrier who provides 911 
>> service, and the name of the class of telephone carrier who does not?
> Perhaps you're after the terms ILEC (Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier) 
> and CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier)?
> Cheers
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In the 911 World, you can be:
Facilities Based - ie: you have a switch
Non_Facilities Based - ie: you do not have a switch (you sell off
someone else's switch)
A CLEC will fall under one of those two.

Other entities requiring 911 Service typically subscribe to a service
called PS/ALI which is Private Switch / Automatic Location Information.
PS/ALI is good for enterprises where the enterprise itself wants to
update the location information for their numbers. This is typically
something the CLEC/ILEC  requires the end user to do as a means of
distributing the responsibility of submitting large amount of data to
the 911 DB provider.

An ILEC will **require** a CLEC to have a 911 services agreement with
all of the 911 agencies in the area (rate center) in which they serve.
In my region, the local RBOC will turn down all of my trunks except for
2 DS0s for testing untill they have signed, written confirmation that
911 testing to the PSAP has been successfully completed. This is a
**painful** process and sometimes involves little towns having town
meetings to vote on accepting your agreements and allowed testing times.
Dallas for example has SEVENTEEN agencies that all have to give you the
thumbs up before you can ever turn on service in just the METRO area.

BTW, the ILECs play a 911 police role to keep the "bad CLEC" away.
However, it is VERY important to realize that there are many CLEC
services that do not EVER require 911 service. For example. If I ONLY..
EVER plan to provide interexchange termination.. Not only that.. say the
originator is NEVER my customer.. why would I need 911? IE, 911 should
be handeled by the originator telephone comapny. Anyway.. I degress..


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