[Asterisk-biz] carrier class names

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at starnetworks.us
Tue Nov 23 19:27:29 MST 2004

Ted Wallingford wrote:
> I think Jason is on to the same concept I am. But there's no reason an 
> CLEC can't  provide E-911 service as long as it pays for the dispatch 
> connectivity through the ILEC's facilities. But, aside from the 
> disinction of one being an ILEC and one being a CLEC, VoIP carriers may 
> opt not to provide E-911 service at all... They are still ILECs, right? 
> I'm trying to find out if there's a name for those that don't provide 
> the service. And not "ones that suck".

No, ILEC means "incumbent local exchange carrier". These are the 
carriers that have the "monopoly" in each area, because they are either 
part of the original Bell system network, or are the rural monopoly 
carrier in an area that was outside the original Bell system.

I don't believe there is any commonly used term to differentiate between 
carriers that provide E911 access and those that don't.

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