[Asterisk-biz] For sale : Snom, cisco, Mitel

Michael Devenijn Michael.Devenijn at dkma.be
Tue Nov 23 12:52:50 MST 2004

For sale : 

2x Snom 200  

2x Snom 220  (1 has a software problem but is still under guarantee, bought directly from Snom)  
200€ ,150€ for the one with the problem

2x Mitel 5055

2x Cisco 7905 

1x Cisco 7940 

The whole bundle : 1400€

All phones with SIP image, and not older than 1 year (I don't remember exactly the purchase date but could do some research)

We used these phones to make a selection and do some tests with our solution so you could consider they have been rarely used

We are located in Belgium. 

Feel free the contact me off-list 

Michael Devenijn

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