[Asterisk-biz] Asterisk Business Termination -- VOIPJET

Michael Welter mike at introspect.com
Tue Nov 23 06:22:02 MST 2004

Greg Boehnlein wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Nov 2004, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
>>alex at pilosoft.com wrote:
>>>(*quality* of call, such as guaranteed problem-free CID/CIDNAME delivery,
>>>guaranteed problem-free fax, guaranteed working phones even when their
>>>router is down/down) is *more* important than saving a penny or two per
>>In my experience, quality routers are more reliable than quality phone 
>>systems. They are simpler, easier to manage and usually have no moving 
>>parts (unlike phone systems with voice mail and ACDs).
>>Businesses who use VOIP over a T-1 circuit have _less_ points of failure 
>>than if they used TDM phone service over that same T-1, because they 
>>have no complicated equipment in their office to worry about.
> Yep. I share the same opinion. We refuse to provide VoIP services over the 
> Public Internet, especially to business customers, because there is no 
> gurantee of quality and no way to ensure that each provider will give QOS. 
> Therefore, I reccomend that customers wishing to make a VoIP move do it to 
> a regional provider, with facilities in their area that can deliver a QOS 
> T1 directly to their equipment. That can provide shared Internet and VoIP 
> traffice, but with QOS profile that gives VoIP priority.
> I, like Alex, own and operate several data centers, and do not play in the 
> Public Internet VoIP market, although I provide lots of bandwidth and 
> hosting to companies that DO.

Please clue me in.  If I buy a data T-1 from XO or Level3, isn't their 
end of the connection still plugged into the public Internet?  Are you 
saying that I should buy my T-1 from a Tier-I provider to reduce the 
number of hops from me to a backbone circuit?

Or are you saying that I should buy my T-1 from any provider, no matter 
what tier, that can provide QoS?


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