[Asterisk-biz] VoIP over satellite

Tracy R Reed treed at copilotconsulting.com
Mon Nov 22 19:02:35 MST 2004

On Mon, Nov 22, 2004 at 05:58:20PM -0800, VoIP spake thusly:
> don't know what carriers you guys are using, but the guys I deal with have
> about 250 ms delay ( one-way ) you must be referring to the "consumer"
> services as opposed to buying transponder space on a real satellite.  We do
> SIP over satellite, no problem at all.  When you buy transponder space, you
> pay for the quality, but it's equivalent to the delay on a cell phone.  Just
> enough to be annoying, but good enough for the unaware end user.

If the speed of light delay is .6 seconds one way resulting in 1.2 round
trip plus a little for equipment and landline latency how can you get
250ms one way or .5 total?

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