[Asterisk-biz] Call to Providers

Cory Andrews cory.andrews at b2llc.com
Mon Nov 22 22:04:26 MST 2004

VOIPSupply.com is actively seeking a few reputable service providers who are
interested in having residential service promos "bundled" with the thousands
of ATA's and IP Phones that go out to our end user customers every month.
At the moment, we are not a provider, nor do we promote or endorse and
specific service provider(s).


We are currently wrapping up documentation and formalized structure for the
program, but we are looking for a variety of providers who have something
unique to offer potential customers.  It could be your superior QOS, your
stellar rates, etc.


Providers enrolled in the program will have a setup CD or similar
promotional materials inserted into outbound shipments to end user
customers.  Our sales team will also follow up with these customers after
the sale.  


If you are interested, please shoot me an email.  I should have final
details on the program and a start date shortly.


Cory Andrews


Partner / Purchasing


b2 Technologies, LLC

454 Sonwil Drive

Buffalo, NY 14225


voice 716.630.1555 X22

fax 716.630.1548

email Cory.Andrews at b2llc.com







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