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Mon Nov 22 19:00:39 MST 2004

>How about not knowing who VoIPJet really is?   His name is not even

>If he cannot be truthful about who he really is, what else is he lying 

>Jeremy McNamara, a competitor that wouldn't sell service to VoIPJet

When we were just starting out, we purchased things from NuFone.  
I've made payments to him and he know's my name is John.

Now NuFone is running scared because they have no idea how to stop all their
customers from leaving and coming to VoipJet at 1.3 cents/min

First they lost their european customers because we are in New York (closer) and
our IP network has peering in London.  Now they are about to lose the West Coast
because we are opening in Los Angeles.  Our Dest #3 was going to be Texas, but if
we decide to go with InterNap in Chicago then NuFone is finished.  We'll be on the same
IP network as them, with better prices and great quality.  In fact, our quality to
many routes (Germany, UK, India) is consistently better.

Jeremy, you know me, I've spoken with you many times.  Now grow up.

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Try our service, we know you'll like it.




Best Wishes,

VoipJet Customer Support

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