[Asterisk-biz] VoIP over satellite

Jeff Coleman jcoleman at rstrat.com
Mon Nov 22 18:47:47 MST 2004

> Michael Young wrote:
> > Anyone out there have experience with Asterisk IAX or SIP 
> connections
> > across a satellite link?
> You *must remember* that you will have at least 1 second 
> delay. For some 
> customers, this is unacceptable.
> My next step will be setup an asterisk server here also. But I don't 
> believe will have any impact on delay or quality.

The latency problem won't go away regardless of what equipment you have on
either end.  It is a simple time/distance equation and you can generally
figure on about 1 second each direction.  These geosyncronous satellites are
about 26K miles out and it just takes time to send the signals.


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