[Asterisk-biz] Can some one help me to become a voIP provider ?

Kanuri, Seshu (Company IT) Seshu.Kanuri at morganstanley.com
Mon Nov 22 10:46:46 MST 2004


> That's pure crap. Sysmaster uses Asterisk, at this point illegally,
until the man himself tells me differently.

I think you are confused between Sysmaster as a company and one of 
their products (SM7000) which has Asterisk in it. Do your homework
On Sysmaster site and read the details of the products.

>Write one or pay someone (not me) to write one.  Do I have to remind
>that Asterisk is open-source? I think not.

I am doing that already as we speak.

Seshu Kanuri
Kanuri, Seshu (Company IT) wrote:
> VoiceMaster is the Billing Solution not their Asterisk based SIP 
> gateway. The Asterisk based PBX cum SIP Gateway is called SM7000. 
> SM7000 is not a billing solution nor does it have one. SM7000 uses 
> VoiceMaster as a complimentary solution for its Billing and Vice 
> Versa. 
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