[Asterisk-biz] RE: Max number of Digium FXS analog telephone lines in one server

rene rene at ro75.com
Thu Nov 18 18:35:53 MST 2004

> Can anyone tell me where I can find out information on the limits of 
> Digium
> hardware?   What is the maximum number of Digium FXS analog telephone 
> lines
> that can be configured in one server?   The Wildcard TDM400P takes up 
> one
> PCI slot and has 4 lines.  So I assume that the limit is the number of
> available POCI slots times 4 (lines).  Is this correct?

Terry, I think that you probably would have IRQ issues (you might end 
with too few) with that many Wildcards boards specially if you are 
using backplanes because digium hardware wont play nicely sharing IRQs

At $400 a piece for a TDM400P you are looking at a $100 per port price. 
A new Rhino channel bank will set you back for $1200, $1700 if you add 
the needed Digium T100P, that gives you a $70 per port price at 24 
channels. You could end saving a lot more if you were to use one of the 
refurbished units from Adtran and the like.

If you dont mind a lot of extra AC adapter and external boxes you could 
end with a $35 price per port using sipura-2000 units and (if you were 
lucky enough to get a handle on one of those units) sub $30 x port 
price with Linksys PAP2 -NA units. Those are boxes you plug into your 
network and give you 2FXS ports each

Rene Mendoza

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